Lol Forgot My PBE Account – What to Do?


League of Legends is a role playing game created by Riot Games. Lol was released in 27 October 2009. Since it’s release League of Legends is still among the most played games today. If you forgot your entrance information to the PBE server this article is for you. Here is Lol Forgot My PBE Account – What to Do?

Lol Forgot My PBE Account – What to Do?

League of Legends is the game that made Riot Games popular. Riot Games’s place in the game industry today is because of League of Legends. The game was a huge success because people really want games like these. After all makers of Lol are used to be the workers of Dota. Dota is still big but League of Legends is much bigger compared to it. One of the reasons for this is the stories and backsides of characters and maps. Lol is the industry standart when it comes to backstories. League of Legends have hundreds pages worth of stories about characters and the places they have come from etc. For this much thing to be written there should be a lot of in-game stuff. And yes, Lol is a giant game. With this forseeing the impacts of updates becomes harder. This is the part where PBE comes in.

Lol forgot my PBE account

What is This PBE Server?

Like we said because there is so many aspects to the game the updates become harder to predict. For the solution Lol crew has created the PBE server. The changes to the game come here first, get tested then shipped of to the other servers if it is good.

How to Save Your PBE Account?

The procedure is completely same as other servers. So it is relatively easy.

  • First go to Lol’s recovery site.
  • Then click the one that you forgot.
  • The solution of your problem will be emailed to you by Riot Games.