How to Use Parachute in Gta 5 PC?


Gta 5 is created by Rockstar Games. It specifies as a open world role playing game. It has a storyline with 3 playable characters and a game time of 25 to 30 hours. But Gta 5 is so much more than the main storyline. Game’s map is so lively and full of things to do there is maybe 100 to 200 seperate things that you can do in the Gta 5 excluding the main story line missions. Because there is so much thing to do and they are really life like there is a lot of keys to remember for doing certain stuff. Using a parachute is one of them. It has it own keys and way to use that you have to learn. But worths. Using a parachute in Gta 5 is so nice because of the scenery. Let’s learn How to Use Parachute in Gta 5 PC.

How to Use Parachute in Gta 5 PC?

Parachutes only have a couple interesting use cases. Some missions and they make it easier for you to travel some places. But parachutes in Gta 5 are mainly used for safe landing.We will tell you about using them correctly but first here is how to get a parachute.

How to get a Parachute in Gta 5?

  1. You can sometimes find parachutes on the rooftops of some tall buildings in downtown Los Santos like the Maze Bank.
  2. You can buy a parachute at Ammu-Nation.
  3. You can get a parachute by using a cheat code:
  5. You can get a parachute by dialing this number:
  6. 1-999-759-3483

Gta 5 Parachute

How to Use a Parachute

Here’s how to use the parachute if you are using a PC:
  • Jump from a Helicopter or building and push the F key or the left mouse button, this will open the parachute.
  • Press W to accelerate and press S to slow down.
  • Press A and D to do soft left and right turns and press Q and E to do sharper turns.
  • Lean forward and press Shift for a accurate landing.
  • For a smoke trail, push and hold Shift.