What’s high precision mouse input Overwatch?


The High precision mouse input in overwatch was released in version 1.42, around November 5, 2019. While this feature isn’t new, many people still don’t fully understand it. Don’t worry, Be happy! We’re here to shed some light on the subject.

First, let’s talk a bit about version 1.42.

With this update, overwatch received some quality-of-life updates, including the high precision mouse input, some bug fixes (some is an understatement), and balances. The addition that will be focusing on today is the high-precision mouse input.

What is high precision mouse input in overwatch?

Let’s start with a quick explanation of the game’s aiming system. Overwatch simulates (or ticks) every 16 milliseconds (ms), or around 62.5Hz. For each of the ticks, the game updates the players aiming direction based on the raw inputs received from the mouse since the previous tick.

High precision aiming overwatch

Stripes that show the player aiming white being normal, red with high precision.

In the photo above, The white lines are where the player is aiming, every 16ms.

But with the high precision option enabled, projectiles can travel down any of the red lines! This means you can also functionally shoot between rendered frames (or at high fps, on rendered frames in between ticks).

Please note the following:

  • This feature won’t change the feel of looking around. That will feel the same as it always has since the final rendered view counted all of the raw input messages received from hardware before that frame.
  • The high precision mouse input may come with a small CPU cost overhead. If you’re experiencing bad performance, try disabling this feature.
  • To take advantage of high precision aiming, you need a mouse with a high pooling rate.
  • Most importantly, have fun and hit those headshots!

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