Best Way to Make Money in Gta 5 Online 2022


When it comes to Gta 5 everybody has a soft spot in their heart. Because Gta is a game we all have been playing since we were little kids. I mean who forget the legendary Gta Vice City helicopter mission or Gta San Andreas train mission. Gta maybe is the most impactful game among all games. Today we will talk about the online side of it especially the money side. Here is Best Way to Make Money in Gta 5 Online 2022.

Best Way to Make Money in Gta 5 Online 2022

Gta is a giant franchise and maybe the biggest after Mario considering among games. There is currently 16 Gta games ranging from Grand Thefth Auto to Gta 5. With every game Rockstar Games outdid themselves and always set a new standart for the competition. But this is not only for Gta. Red Dead Redemption made a clear statement about how character mechanics should be done. La Noire is still the critic standart for character’s facial mimmicks and gestures.

Gta Online

Gta online first came with San Andreas although it was a third party solution it was still a lot of fun. The light really shined with Gta 5 online. Today it is one of the most played game. This is the case beacuse of the Rockstar’s efforts. They always updated and brought new speacials and missions for it.

best way to make money in gta 5 online 2022

Let’s Talk Business

Gta Online has a ton of ways that you can make money. You can race, steal, do heist missions, have a facility that makes money etc. But when it comes to the best method there is no clear answer. I wrote down some of my worthy ones for you:

1- The Cayo Perico Heist (The Latest Heist)

People say that this is a great way to make money. Especially considering it lets you go solo.

2- The Bunker or Cocaine Lockup

I put these two in the same category because they both work the same way. You buy or steal supplies for them and make profit. They are a great passive income solution if you are interested.

3- The Nightclub

There is 10 to buy from and it is a great way to earn passive income. You should change the DJ now and then to keep the popularity bar up.