What is the Overwatch Rating Age?


Ever wondered what the overwatch rating age is? In this article, we’ll explain this very subject, and at the same time, explain the reasons behind it. Let’s get into it!

What are the different age ratings?

For starters, there are two age rating providers I’d like to talk about. These are the PEGI (Pan-European Game Information) and ESRB (Entertainment Software Ratings Board).

To start, PEGI has the following age ratings:

  • PEGI 3 – suitable for all ages
  • PEGI 7 – suitable for young children
  • PEGI 12 – suitable for children 12 and over
  • PEGI 16 – suitable for children 16 and over
  • PEGI 18 – Only suitable for adults

Meanwhile, the ESRB rating system is a little bit different:

  • RP – Rating Pending
  • EC – Early Childhood
  • E – Everyone
  • E 10+ – Everyone 10+
  • T – Teen
  • M – Mature
  • A – Adult


Finally, the topic of this article. What is the overwatch rating age?

Officially, overwatch has the PEGI 12, and ESRB Teen 13+ respectively.

Why is that? Overwatch is a PvP game. It’s got some blood, violence, and use of tobacco.

The blood comes as little splashes when successfully hitting the enemy. Violence, because players fight other players using, but not limited to, guns. Finally, the use of tobacco, apparently from a bounty hunter and outlaw Jesse McCree.

I could bet $5 some of the readers of this article are parents. But now, let’s have a bit of a talk.

overwatch rating age

The first two rows represent the PEGI ratings and the third row is ESRB one.

Let’s discuss the rating!

To start, I believe it’s good to have the rating at 12/13 plus, as even 12-year-olds are toxic when they lose. Besides that, I’ve read someone ranting about how bad it is that one of the characters smokes and how that will hurt the young players. Unpopular opinion warning, I don’t find this as big of a deal as others. Sure, I’m no parent, bat I was a teenager. While it is true that kids are like information sponges, they can also distinguish good from the bad. So they should realize that, no matter how tough a character smoking seems to be, it is something damaging to humans.

While this game should not be played by kids under 12, it will unfortunately happen. Kids in certain games are not the best mates you can have. Although on some rare occasions (Extremely rare if you are on Fortnite) the little guys are really friendly, and you might just make a friend you’ll keep forever, and watch him become a young adult.

But with all these said, Thank you guys for reading, especially if you made it down here. Take care of yourselves, drink water, and sleep. Thanks again, as always, for coming into this corner of the hivemind that is the internet. Stay creative and I’ll see you guys soon (TM). Have a wonderful Night, Morning, Afternoon, or Evening.