Breeze Cypher Setups – How to Play It?


Valorant is the big thing for many players now. This is caused by Valorants changes and optimizations over classic 5v5 tour based shooter game. Of course we are talking about Cs Go here. One of the new thing is 19 agents. Agents are the characters you play in game. They are all unique and have their own 4 skills. Cypher is one of them and Breeze is a map. Here is Breeze Cypher Setups-How to Play It?

Breeze Cypher Setups – How to Play It?

Let’s further explain about Breeze and Cypher. First let us tell you about Cypher:

The Moroccan information broker, Cypher is a one-man surveillance network who keeps tabs on the enemy’s every move. No secret is safe. No maneuver goes unseen. Cypher is always watching.

This is what Riot says about Cypher. To simplify, Cypher is the eyes of the team. He sets traps, tricks enemies and the most important skill we will talk about is his cameras. Valorant have 8 maps and one of them is Breeze. Here is what Riot said about Breeze:

Take in the sights of historic ruins or seaside caves on this tropical paradise. But bring some cover. You’ll need them for the wide open spaces and long range engagements. Watch your flanks and this will be a Breeze.

Why this combination?

Cypher is really nice to play in Breeze because of his skill set. There is plenty of good spots for his cameras and traps that we will tell you about. So this is the reason you should play Cypher in Breeze because you will sure enjoy the time you had.

Breeze Cypher Setups

Camera Locations

1. For A site The Double Green Box

This place is nice because you get nice open wiew of the site and this means you can easily handle your enemies.

2. For B site On the B-back above the ladder

This place is also really nice because of the scene it provides this camera will show you about anywhere in the site.