When Will Overwatch 2 Come Out?


Some of you are wondering, when will Overwatch 2 come out? While the first game was enjoyed by people all around the world, its sequel experienced some rough seas. In today’s article, we’ll go over some things that happened with Overwatch 2, and tell you guys the date of release.

What happened to Overwatch’s sequel?

In the first round of the “Overwatch 2” beta, Blizzard sent out access codes to some players and encouraged them to stream online. However, other players were motivated to watch Twitch streams of the beta to obtain codes and get in on the fun through Twitch Drops. These were partially responsible for making “Overwatch 2” content on Twitch extremely popular – viewers had to watch streams to receive the goods.

Eventually, Blizzard stopped the Twitch drops, and that made streamers lose a lot of their audience. That was the point Overwatch 2 started to lose its popularity.

They tried fixing it by allowing players to play the game after buying the Watchpoint Pack for $40, but that didn’t help it gain popularity. It upset many players.

When will overwatch 2 come out?

In this photo, these should be new characters that will come to Overwatch 2.

When will Overwatch 2 be released?

The game will enter early access on October 4, 2022, as announced during the Xbox Showcase in June 2022. Although, that’s PvP release date only, not PvE, which will presumably get its date later down the line.

Some more things we know about the sequel to Overwatch:

  • Blizzard just wrapped up its second PvP beta in July. It’s unclear if there will be another beta before Overwatch 2 releases in early October, but we know that Blizzard has one new hero to introduce before that day. Specifically, a new support character that’s just waiting to be released.
  • There was a brief alpha period and two beta ones over three months. 
  • The game will be free to play.

Also, there are at least 3 new heroes that will come to the game.

  • Sojourn (Damage): A high-mobility gunner with an assault rifle that builds charge and releases energy as powerful railgun bursts. A neat combination of Soldier’s raw chip damage and Widowmaker’s burst damage potential.
  • Junker Queen (Tank): A close-quarters brawler with a high-damage scattergun, She can yank enemies toward her with her throwing knife and leach health off enemies cut by her axe. Her burst healing and heal-over-time give her high sustainability, but she requires precise aim to score kills.
  • Mystery hero (Support): We know the next Overwatch hero will be a new support role. That’s good news because supports are currently the most underserved role in the whole game. Blizzard is aware of this problem. They are planning to fix it by releasing several more supports in Overwatch 2’s first year.

With all these said, thank you guys for swerving into the Big Game Bears cyberspace, and we hope you enjoyed this article. I wish you guys one beautiful Evening, Night, Morning, or Afternoon. Catch you soon!