Website with list of all special characters allowed in Riot ID 2022


Website with list of all special characters allowed in Riot ID 2022. Maybe you want to look apart from the other players, or maybe you’re using it for shady reasons. (We support you only doing it for aesthetical reasons)  That’s what we’re here to find out today.

First off, why special characters?

Special characters, like in this “Ëxªmplę”, can make your name stand out from the rest. special characters are usually not allowed. When we’re talking about special characters, don’t think you can put things like stars, or these  “↪ ↵ ⇌ ▤ ◥ ◩ ◵”. Think more about different alphabets with interesting letters. The Japanese katakana, Hiragana, Arabic, Indian, Latin, Russian, and many more. Some sources state there could be over 14 000 characters that you can use in your riot id. But you can use any letters from different alphabet inside it if my finding is correct.

Here are some noteworthy special characters allowed in Riot ID, all taken randomly:

website with list of all special characters allowed in riot id in 2022

There are a few Kaomoji, which are made using Japanese characters.

  • Ц Ξ Ø Ψ Ж ろ 廴 臣 乃 Δ Γ 田 ロ 못 Θ Þ ฌ Э セ ё 티 Д 旦 Ш я Ю ß 彡 fl ニ Ê ツ ヘ Å 皿 ς ฑ ด メ 父 な ử Ỗ Ẹ ẳ ắ ジ え い あ Ω δ φ Й ん ア ウ.

We listed only around 57 different characters. But there are thousands more that just wait for you to find and use them.

Finally, With all thee said, thank you for reading through this article. I’m sorry I could not put them all out here for you. I wish you the best in your quest to make your riot ID as unique as you want it to be. Thank you for spending some time on this blog post, and thank you for bookmarking our site for later, for those who did it. I wish y’all one beautiful Night, Morning, Evening, or afternoon. See you soon!