How Long is Gta 5 Story?


You know Gta 5 ı know Gta 5 everybody knows Gta 5. Gta 5 is the most selled game ever. But first let’s tell everyone about the game that is not familiar with the Gta 5 if that is possible. Gta 5 is a open world role playing game made by Rockstar Games. It took 6 years to make if we say that they didn’t work on it until they released the Gta 4. Gta 5 was released for the consoles in 2013. The PC version was released 2 years later because they wanted to optimize the game nicely for PC. We all saw the Cyberpunk 2077 disaster. Rockstar didn’t made this mistake back in the day. Gta 5 is in one word enormous. Here is How Long is Gta 5 Story?

How Long is Gta 5 Story?

Like we said Gta 5 is really big. There is some games with bigger maps than Gta 5 but non of them is this pack fulled with things to do. There is also a really nice storyline to make memories in this map. We have to mention Gta 5 has 3 playable characters that you can choose from anytime you want and the characters names are Michael,Franklin and Trevor. All of the characters  their own lives and their own personalities so you really can tell that you are playing a different person.

how long is gta 5 story

Gta 5 Online

Gta online is really a thing on it’s own. Because it is multiplayer there is endless things that can happen while you are playing with your friends. Rockstar Games is also making sure there is always new heists new events etc. to do. So we can actually say Gta 5 is worth your money. The game was released almost 10 years before and still it is one of the most played game. This proves how good of a game Gta 5 really is.

Gta 5 Story Lenght

Here is the answer the game is about 25 to 30 hours long if you keep yourself only in the main missions. We as Biggamebears wish you happy playing times.