How to Stop The Train in Gta 5?


Everybody knows about Gta 5 now but lets still mention about it. Gta 5 is a open world role playing game created by Rockstar Games. It was released for consoles in 2013 and two years later for Pc. Gta have some gimmicks that come along the games. Train is one of them. Here How to Stop The Train in Gta 5?

How to Stop The Train in Gta 5?

Gta 5 is a massive game. There is so many things in the Gta that you can do that are vastly different from each other. For example you can play golf and after that trade stocks. Gta also have a giant storyline consisting three playable characters and a main mission time of 25 to 30 hours. Train is a siganture thing for Gta. It was there from the first Gta to the latest Gta 5 and it will probably be in Gta 6 aswell. Everybody remembers the train mission from Gta San Andreas and how difficult it was. Lets cut back to the main topic. There is two types of trains in Gta 5: There is randomly generated trains and there is mission special trains. You used to be able to stop the train Gta online but they removed it.

how to stop the train in gta 5

Step by Step Guide to Stop the Train

First here is the list of missions you can stop the train:

  • Prologue
  • Pulling Favors Again
  • Chop
  • Arms Trafficking Air
  • Vinewood Souvenirs – The Last Act
  • Caida Libre
  • Derailed
  • The Paleto Score
  • Bury the Hatchet
  • Sidetracked
  • The Big Score
  • The Time’s Come

Here is how to do it. You should go to the first wagon of the train where the engine of the train is stored. Than you should plant 5 sticky bombs to jthe trains head. Then jump off the train and detonate the bombs. The engine will explode and the train will stop immediately. That is it we wish you happy games.