How to Go to Range in Valorant With Friends?


Valorant is a 5v5 shooter game created by Riot Games. Valorant brought a new horizon to the tour based shooter games. It has 19 playable characters that are called agents. All agents have their own unique skills and game styles. Valorant also has a really strong esport side. People all over the world tune in to watch it. So this means people want to play with their friends todays topic is about this. Here is How to Go to Range in Valorant With Friends?

How to Go to Range in Valorant With Friends?

We should tell you about the Shooting Range first. Shooting range is a game mode in Valorant that lets you play and practice your game against the bots. This mode is standart across the shooter games and for Valorant it is called Shooting Range. I want to expand this game mode concept because it helps so much. Training for a competetive game like Valorant makes a huge difference. Even if you just wonder around the maps and seek some strategic places it makes a night and day difference in your playing. But of course playing with your friends is much much better.

how to go to range in valorant with friends

Why Players Want This

I mean playing with your friends makes the experience much better but playing a custom game created by you with your friends is one of the best thing in the world. Players want this because of this reasons and you can’t blame them.

The Answer

For some time in some regions the answer was a cold hard no. This was a thing because Riot saw that so much player was doing this it actually started to affect the game queus. Nowadays you can easily play with your friends. The procedure is standart: Create lobby, invite friends, start the game. Biggamebears wish you happy games.