Raw input buffer Valorant – What’s it?

The Raw input buffer in Valorant, or other games, is a feature of Windows API (Application Programming Interfaces). It can help cut down the latency (delay) between games and your peripherals (keyboard, mouse…). In the following moments, I’ll do my best to explain some important stuff about this Raw Input. By the end, you should hopefully have a good idea about this topic. Or at least as good of an idea as I have. 🙂

Does raw imput help Valorant?

  • First of all, Raw input works by allowing the game to read the mouse input data straight from the source, effectively skipping the OS (Operating System) smoothing and acceleration filters.
  • This helps because the windows filter and acceleration introduce a delay before the game engine can read the data.
  • As a result, It reduces input latency (basically how fast your device responds to, for example, mouse movement). With a good enough mouse, having a high pooling rate (measured in Hz, which is the frequency at which the mouse tells the device where it is in a given moment), the difference will be noticeable.
Raw input buffer Valorant

Raw input buffer in settings.

Is it good to use raw input?

  • Simple question, hard to find answers.
  • Despite small hiccups,  the Raw Input Buffer in valorant seems to be working well. Riot should fix any problems that might arise from this feature.
  • Players experience reduced latency (let’s not forget the fact that this latency is in milliseconds), snappier aim, more accurate shots, and overall better mouse performance.
  • the only problem is that it makes some games stutter or have FPS below 60, Although this seems to be a rare case.

Does raw input help FPS?

  • Back in Patch 3.7, Riot fixed a lot of crashes and bugs. At the same time, they improved the performance of the game and added the ability to switch between two different raw input APIs, skipping the slower Windows filters, and giving the mouse and/or keyboard inputs straight to the game engine.

Does Valorant sensitivity use Raw input?

  • I’ve found that Valorant has always used raw input ever since its release date back on June 2, 2020.

With all that said, thank you guys for reading, and as always, if you have any questions, please put them down below, and I’ll do my best to answer them. We wish you a great rest of your Morning, Afternoon, Evening, or Night!