Signal Jammers Gta 5 Where Are They?


Gta 5 is a open world role playing game created by Rockstar Games. The map of of the game is so alive and full of things to do. One of the things is the signal jammers. Signal jammers originally created for Gta Online the multiplayer version of Gta 5. They are one of the few collectibles that added as part of The Diamond Casino Heist update, released on December 12, 2019. They are a fun and great element to the game so here is Signal Jammers Gta 5.

What Are The Signal Jammers in Gta 5 ?

Signal jammers are little boxes that appear all over Las Santos. There is 50 signal jammers in total. They are easily breakable by all weapons. Also they can be locked on by rockets and other locking weapons in Gta5. That makes destroying the signal jammers much more easy because they are in hard places to reach. As we said up in the article they were added because of The Diamond Casino Heist. They provide nice benefits for the heist and also give you money and Rp for each one you break.

How much money do you get if you destroy all signal jammers in GTA?

There is a total of 50 jammers all across the map of Gta 5. And for each one you break you get 2000 dollars and 1000 RP. Also as a bonus of destroying all the jammers you get additional 50.000 dollars so in total you get 150.000 dollars.

signal jammers gta 5

What happens when you get all the signal jammers in GTA 5?

Firstly as we said you get in total 150.000 dollars and 50.000 RP. But the real benefit of the breaking signal jammers is for The Diamond Casino Heist you get Avi Schwartzman as a crew member for the heist. Avi helps to hack security systems in the heist so he is a great addition to the crew. Be sure to break all the signal jammers and win the bonuses.

Where are all 50 jammers in GTA 5?

They are all across the map. The jammers are usually on billboards and on the sides of buildings so a sniper will make your job much easier and here is the map for quickly accessing them.

signal jammers gta 5

Map of the Signal Jammers