Roblox outfit ideas with layered clothes!


While Roblox keeps rapidly evolving, one interesting feature they rolled out was the layered clothing system on October 21, 2021. Layered clothes are 3d models that can stretch over any body type and naturally stay on your avatar without looking bad or glitching. Next, we’ll give you two Roblox outfit ideas, that should help you make your unique style.

Here are 2 Roblox outfit ideas that try to spark your imagination.

Roblox outfit ideas

Of course, I have no idea if this is supposed to spark your imagination at all…you need to use your imagination for this one.

First of all, The girl outfit:

  • we use:
  • The Linlin character model
  • stylish aviators
  • and classic female – faces
  • zzz headband
  • Roblox baseball cap
  • straight bangs red
  • zip hoodie – orange
  • cargo pants – black
  • tie-front top white
  • canvas shoes gray – right
  • sneakers white – left (Indeed, the original design had the sneakers but in this photo, it seems they are not worn).
  • For instance, here I just got a lot of items I thought would look good and put them there.
  • In fact, I believe you need to use all your imagination to work with layered clothing.

Second of all, The boy’s outfit:

  •  We use:
  • Oliver character
  • surfer brown
  • Roblox T-shirt white
  • Bermuda shorts – black
  • leather jacket – black
  • sneaker white left
  • canvas shoes gray – left
  • While I didn’t use many clothing items, and id say he turned out fine.

Finally, I want to invite you guys to use your imagination, and I made these Roblox outfit ideas using free items. In fact, the sky is the limit.
But with all these said, I thank you all for reading this article, and I hope I was able to spark your imagination. Thus, I wish you all the best, stay hydrated, use your imagination and ill see you in the next article. In conclusion, I wish you an amazing Night, Evening, Afternoon, or Morning.