Arrow Crosshair Valorant – How to Do It?


Valorant is one of the most played game today. It is a 5v5 shooter game created by Riot Games. There is also a Esport side of Valorant and people are really into it. You can customize your crosshair with many settings. Here is Arrow Crosshair Valorant-How to Do It?

Arrow Crosshair Valorant – How to Do It?

You as a Valorant player play the game but you want to customize it give it something that is yours. One of your options is changing your crosshair. Valorant has a giant crosshair customizing session. You have 23 changeable settings just about crosshair. This is one of the best side of the Valorant. It gives players what they want and more. The game has 19 different agents. They are all different in their own sense they all have unique 4 skills. All egnts have their pros and cons so you have to make a different gamestyle for every character.

Different Crosshairs

Like we said there is a ton of options. So there is a giant community has been uniformed around topics. There is countless forum arguments, articles, videos etc. Also there is specific websites just for this topic. It can randomly generate you a crosshair or you can choose from the other site visiters crosshairs. They also have the pro player crosshairs and you can almost find everyone you are looking for.

Arrow Crosshair Valorant-How to Do It?

Arrow Crosshair Guide

First, Inner line Opacity: 1

Second, Inner line Lenght: 4

Third, Inner line offset: 0

Fourth, Inner line Thickness: 1

First, Outer line opacity: 1

Second, Outer line Lenght: 1

Third, Outer line Thicknrss: 3

Fourth, Outer line Offset: 2

The Conclusion

Valorant is a really nice game. I personally like it. It’s pro side is also interesting and worth for checking. The crosshair changing of this caliber exists only in Valorant nice work Riot Games. Anyway we as Biggamebears wish you happy games.