Valorant Damage Report Not Showing Fix!


Valorant is a 5v5 tour based shooter game created by Riot Games. Valorant really brought a new aspect to tour based shooter games. It is really a generational jump from the Cs Go. But like every game Valorant sometimes have issues that annoy the player. Todays topic is one of them. Here is Valorant Damage Report Not Showing Fix!

Valorant Damage Report Not Showing Fix!

I am not a serious player myself but the game stats not showing is a really annoying thing. This is a bug that Valorant is currently facing. The bug is after the second game ends some players stats are not showing. Of course we will have to say that the title damage report is a part of the combat score that is showed after each tour ends that tell players about which agent dealt what damage, how many people it killed, how many assists it got etc. So when the actual bug is combat score not showing. Further explaining the bug this problem only happens to some players some players doesnt get affected by this problem.

valorant damage report not showing

The Fix

The fix of this problem is a bit complicated and awkward so we will try to tell it to you the best we can. First you should check from the settings if your combat score is disabled or not. There is a option for disabling the combat score and if you want to check your score while in game the key for that is N. But lets come to the bug solution:

  • There is no obvious solution is the first thing to say.
  • But restarting the game seems to be fixing the problem.
  • There is a way to restart Valorant without being kicked out of the game.
  • You should open up the task manager and close the game in there.
  • And when you re-open the game you should be continuing the game with no problem.

People have tried to email Riot about this but appereantly they did not respond but you should try emailing them yourself too.