Derke Valorant Who is He ?


Valorant is a 5v5 competitive role playing game Riot Games. Valorant is also big in the e sports arena.The game is a team based game so it is much more suitable to esports than for example a battle royale game. The game is good and innovative too. Let’s talk about that aspect.Valorant was published in 2 June 2020. It bruoght a new horizon to the tour based Cs Go like shooter games. Valorant did this with agents. There is 19 agents in the game. They all have 4 unique skills. One of this skill is a ultimate and can only be unlucked by gaining experience points. You can get these points by killing enemies etc. You can only use the ability once in one tour so you should be conservative with what you use. But coming back to topic here is Derke Valorant Who is He ?

Derke Valorant Who is He ?

derke valorant

Like we said in the top Valorant has a big esports side and there is many professional teams and players that compete in this arena. Derke is one of this players. His full name is Nikita Sirmitev. He was born on February 6, 2003 that makes him 19 also he is Finnish-Russian. He was a Cs Go professional in the past but now he is in the Valorant world. Derke formerly played on Team Nordic, STR99 and CrowCrowd. Now he is playing for Fnatic. Twitch is one of the things Derke is in to so you can check him out in Twitch as well.

Derke Equipments

  • For mouse Derke uses  a Logitech G PRO X SUPERLIGHT which most players use because it is a good mouse.
  • Keybord wise he uses Fnatic Streak 65 probably because his team has a brand deal.
  • For mousepad Fnatic Dash XL still the same reason i suppose.
  • Monitor is probably important he uses ZOWIE XL2540.