Roblox innovation awards – 2022


The Roblox innovation awards are the new version of the bloxy awards, an annual event made by Roblox. The bloxy awards were changed into the innovation awards in early July. Also, On July 14, 2022, a voting hub for specific awards was released. The winner of the votes will be announced through a virtual event at the Roblox Developers Conference on September 10, 2022.

What are the prizes we can win?

Roblox innovation awards

Here is the main stage and the 6 prizes.

This year there are 6 different awards you can win in the voting hub:

  • Gold ‘n’ White Curved Horns
  • Fragmented Top Hat
  • Golden Tucket Hat
  • Circlet of Patience
  • Innovator’s Gold Tuxedo
  • Painted Gold Jacket

Additionally, the jacket, and Tuxedo are layered. We have an article that touches on some info about this new system, and you can check it out here.

What are this year’s categories for the Roblox innovation awards?

This year, we have the following categories:

  • Best New Experience
  • Developer Studio of the Year
  • Best Use of Tech
  • Video Star of the Year
  • Video Star Video of the Year
  • Best Creative Direction
  • Best International Hit
  • Most Immersive Environment
  • People’s Choice
  • Best Use of Avatar Fashion
  • Most Concurrent Users
  • Best Content Update
  • Most Popular User-Created Item
  • Best Audio Design
  • Finally, the Builderman Award of Excellence (Selected by Roblox CEO Dave Baszucki)

The ones we can vote for in the hub are:

  • Best content update
  • The best use of avatar fashion
  • Peoples choice
  • And last bat not least video star of the year.

And now, some fun facts about the bloxy and Roblox innovation awards:

  • On March 27, 2021, close to a million people from around the world came together to celebrate the most incredible Roblox experiences and creators at the virtual award ceremony of the 8th Annual Bloxy Awards.
  • No matter how hard I look, I cant seem to find if the creators of the maps for these awards are official Roblox staff or players… If you have any ideas, please comment down below.
  • On the official blog, it says the voting ends at midnight on July 27. So, if there is still time, you should hurry and get the prizes while they’re still available.

In the end, I hope you guys learned something, and as always, stay creative, drink water, and wish you all an amazing night, evening, afternoon, or morning. Thanks for coming to this part of the web, and hope to see you soon.