What Roblox games to play with friends?


You’re at home, talking with your buddy and trying to find some Roblox games to play together with your friends, so you arrived on this page. In the following moments, I’ll try to give you some ideas of games you can play on Roblox together with your buddy.

Here are some Roblox games to play with your friends:

  • If you’re into tycoons try 2 player versions. For instance, “wizard tycoon – 2 player”. It’s a classic of mine, I remember playing it with random people on the server and trying to finish it. (also, FYI, there is a single-player version of that game)
  • More competitor? You can try some obbyes and crush your friend with your parkour skills. For example, I’d recommend you play “flood escape 2”, as that’s also a classic for me and one of the more fun and interesting obbyes.
Roblox games to play with friends

Here are the mentioned game as of 7, July 2022

  • If parkour is not your jam, FPS might just do the trick. “Phantom forces” is a good start. (it’s not in the photo, sorry I forgot to add it)
  • If all you want is to chill and roleplay, you can try “RoCitizens”. I played it before I was able to get “Bloxburg”, which is also a nice game bat requires Robux to enter. If you are curious about that process, I’ve got just the article on buying Robux for you, right… Here!
  • If you love simulators, how about the likes of “bubble gum simulator”, “pet simulator x”, or any others.

Let’s be honest with everyone around here. Any game on Roblox is one good game to play with friends since that’s one of the reasons it’s so popular. First, It’s a place you can have fun. And alongside that, it’s a socializing platform made for anyone. So, no matter what games are recommended to you, or what the other people are playing, don’t forget we’re different. We have our own choices, and no matter what game you choose, as long as you have fun, that’s all that matter.

But with all these said, I wish you all a great morning, afternoon, evening, or night. Stay creative and hydrated. And I hope to see you in this corner of the interweb again. Thank you for reading!