Overwatch voice chat not working – How to fix solved 2022


The solution to the Overwatch voice chat not working problem has been wondered by many players lately. Voice chat is a very important feature in FPS (first person shooter) games like overwatch. It is certain that you will not get any pleasure from the game when this feature does not work. We have written for you how to fix the overwatch voice chat error.

Why Overwatch voice chat not working?

There are many reasons why your voice chat feature might not work. Your Overwatch account may have been banned or due to a technical issue. If your overwatch voice chat is not working, you can fix this problem by following the steps below:

  • Check headphones/microphone: The problem may be caused by your hardware, not the game. So first try your hardware on a different device or try your hardware in a different game.
  • Take off the ear and plug: Maybe you don’t have a big problem. Just unplug your headphones and then plug them in. Believe me, sometimes our hardware does not work because of such small distractions.
  • Check game settings: Make sure to define your headphones and microphone as default in Overwatch settings.
  • Update your Headphones/Microphone drivers: Outdated software will usually cause you trouble. New updates are coming every day and you may experience some problems if you don’t stay up to date. Update your drivers and operating system now.
  • Restart: Restart your computer and game. Even though it’s a very old method, make sure it always works 🙂
  • Check parental control: Your voice chat may be disabled by parental controls. Get permission from your parents to enable it.
Overwatch voice chat not working

Overwatch voice chat not working 2022 – Solved

Does your problem still persist?

If your voice chat still doesn’t work after following the steps above, you’ve probably been banned from the game. If you are sure that you have not been banned, you need to explain the situation in detail by sending an e-mail to the support team of the game.