HRTF Valorant What Does It Mean?


As you know Valorant is a competitive first shooter game made by Riot Games. And we all know when a game is competitive the audio becames a really important thing. I think you can tell where we are going with this. Here is everything about HRTF Valorant.HRTF Valorant What is it?

HRTF Valorant What Does It Mean?

HRTF is short for Head Related Transfer Function this feature was added to the game by Riot Games on March 30 of 2021. The patch 2.06 bring this feature and much needed improvments. But returning to HRTF. This feature is related to sounds in game. Enemies steps and gun reloads are much more realistic from the point of where they are coming from and where the enemies actually are.

Is HRTF Good For Gaming ?

Talking about HRTF i should firstly say that HRTF is only avaliable for headphones it doesn’t work if you activate it while using speakers. It was originally created for better sound dynamics thorughout the gameplay. And if you already have a nice set of headphones it probably won’t make a big difference. But for cheaper audio devices it is really good.

FRTF Valorant

Should You Turn On HRTF Valorant ?

Everybody has opinions about HRTF in Valorant and people still discuss about it online. We recommend for you to try the two options and choose for yourself.

Does HRTF Reduce FPS ?

We did some reading in the internet about it and examine what people said about this topic. And we should say that there is no clear answer to this some people said it made a difference some people said it doesn’t affect performance. And we say it depends on your harware so you should try it on you device and look at the results.

How do I turn on Valorant HRTF?

  • Launch the game and click on the settings icon top-right corner of the screen.
  • Now, open the audio section and select the HRTF option. It is the last feature on the menu.
  • Enable the HRTF option, and you’re done

What does Valorant HRTF mean?