Can You Sell Cars In Gta 5 Story Mode


Gta 5 is a really long game. It has various missions and paths you can take also it has 3 playable characters so the game is really an adventure. Because of this you may want to sell your cars in the game. So let’s look at the question Can You Sell Cars In Gta 5 Story Mode?

Can You Sell Cars In Gta 5 Story Mode ?

Gta 5 Story Mode

Gta 5 is a giant game and it consists of two main game modes: Story mode and online mode. The story mode of Gta 5 starts with a bank robbery than the funeral of one of our playable character Michael than the story progresses and all 3 of our playable characters meet in the story also they have some solo missions that only focuses on them and some missions where they are together in the mission. So in conclusion by many Gta 5 has one of the best story among the other games.

Gta 5 Online Mode

I’m sure you have heard about the Gta 5 Online someway or another but if we have to mention it is the Multiplayer Mode of the Gta 5. When you first open it you were greeted by the character making screen you choose your characters facial features by changing his/her parents facial features. I think that is actually really different and interesting compared to other games. But the main deal of the Online mode is the heists that you make with friends. This heists can be robbing a bank or stealing valuable cars etc. and there also special heists that can be played just in certain times. Fortunately Rockstar Games always bring new heists and keep the game alive.

Can You Sell Cars In Gta 5 Story Mode

Gta 5

Enough talking here is the real question Can you sell your car in Gta 5 story mode mode ? and the answer is yes you can you just need to go to the spray paint logoed Los Santos Customs shop enter and choose sell car than the money will be in yours.