Korean Jett Crosshair Settings!


Today we’ll guide you on Korean Jett crosshair settings. For starters, Sang-min “Seoldam” Park, born March 2, 2001, is a South Korean player currently streaming for Crazy Raccoon. He is also known as Korean Jett due to Youtube and Twitter from popular clips and highlights.

Why is Seoldam so popular?

During VCT Japan Stage 2 Challengers Final, we saw his Jett mastery on full display against Japanese esports organization FAV gaming.
In the 18th round of Game 2 on Ascent, Seoldam activated Jett’s Blade Storm, dashing straight into four enemy agents at Mid tiles.
Immediately after getting the opening kill on the enemy Jett, Seoldam used Jett’s Cloud Burst smokes to create his cover.
The next moments showed why Seoldam is known as ‘Korean Jett. With three targets in front of him, Seoldam used Jett’s Updraft to get an aerial kill on the enemy Omen.
With that, he recharged his Tailwind ability, which he used to break the remaining enemy players’ aim by dashing right behind them. Seoldam did it all in one motion, which left the casters and fans in awe.

TL: DR he is a god-like player using jet!

Korean Jett Crosshair

In this photo you can see Seoldam, AKA Korean jett.

Korean Jett Crosshair Settings:

Crosshair Settings:

  • Colour ~ Green
  • Outlines ~ On
  • Outline Opacity ~ 0.6
  • Outline Thickness ~ 1
  • Center Dot ~ On
  • Center Dot Opacity ~ 1
  • Center Dot Thickness ~ 2
  • Fade Crosshair With Firing Error ~ On
  • Show Spectated Player’s Crosshair ~ Off
  • Disable Crosshair ~ Off
  • Show Outer Lines ~ On then everything Off

Who is Crazy Raccoon?

Crazy Raccoon is, to keep it simple, a Japanese esports organization. They were founded back in April 2018.

Crazy Raccoon earned a total of  $601,572.33 From 49 different Tournaments:

  • Apex Legends $156,982.00 26.10%;
  • Fortnite $342,971.00 57.01%;
  • VALORANT $101,619.33 16.89%;

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