Valorant Disabled Mouse – How to Fix?


Valorant is a shooter game which means: it is all about the aim, precision and the speed. A bug that effects this aspects of the game is really critical. Today we will talk about a problem about these things. Here is Valorant Disabled Mouse – How to Fix?

Valorant Disabled Mouse – How to Fix?

Todays article is about a Valorant bug that makes the game impossible to play. This issue comes in different varients to different players. Some players face some aspects of the mouse movement fail and some players just outright can not use the mouse at all. Let’s talk about both of them and how can you fix them.

Why this bug is happening?

You may have experienced your mouse cursor going to the left side of the screen and staying there for the whole time. This basically takes the capability of playing the game from you. The reason for this is some driver of Vanguard. The Vanguard blocks your Mouse & Keyboard because of a driver called Interception driver, this is used for a variety of programs from splitting keyboards into controllers to mouse accel.

valorant disable mouse

Ways to Fix The Bug?

There is a couple of ways to solve this issue and here they are:

1-Running in Administrative Mode

To achieve this you must force close the game which means the legendary ALT+F4 method. After closing the game this way you can open your game with Administrative Mode. This will solve your problem. You can do it when the bug appears.

Uninstall Interception Driver

This is the main driver that makes the problem. To uninstall this driver, do these steps:

  • Download this file and extract the files in a directory

  • Open an administrator command prompt and type the code

cd <path to the directory where you extracted the files>

  • then

cd “command line installer”

  • Then open:

install-interception.exe /uninstall

  • Restart your PC and interception should be uninstalled.

  • Restart your PC again and Vanguard should be running aswell as your mouse and keyboard.

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