Gta 5 Easter Eggs Locations Where Are They?


Gta 5 is a really big game from almost every angle. It has a giant map a 3 playable character story. And also an online side that is maybe even bigger than original game. Because it was made so detailed there is countless references thoroughout the game and across the map. Today, we are going to talk abut easter eggs and their locations. We have 14 easter eggs their explanations and their locations for you. Anyway, Here is Gta 5 Easter Eggs Locations.

Gta 5 Easter Eggs Locations and Tips About Them

Number 1: Crashed UFO in The Ocean

One of the UFO’s that you can come across in the game. You look at it but you will need a submarine to do so because it is under the water.

Number 2: A crashed plane

At the bottom of the sea you will see a planewreck and also there also a bag with 12.000 dollars inside nearby.

Number 3: A Face

You can see a face painted on the slope of the Mount Chilliad.

Number 4: UFO on Mount Chilliad’s peak

Another UFO. Firstly, you need to finish the game 100% before you can see it. The UFO is only avaliable at 3 a.m. while the weather is stormy. Using a cheat code to change the weather will be best for you.

Number 5: A Ghost

On Mount Gordo, In the hours 11 a.m. to midnight, you can see the ghost of a murdered girl and a bloody writing reading JOCK.

Number 6: Thelma i Louise

When you are flying in this region around 7 p.m. and 8 p.m.  you will witness a reenactment of the legendary scene from the Thelma and Louise movie ending.

Number 7: UFO over Fort Zancudo

Another UFO. Very high above the clouds. Requires you to complete the game in 100%.

Number 8: Beam me Up!

In the skate park in Sandy Shores you will find a mural with the famous words from Star Trek.

Number 9: A stone and a poem

On  stones, you will find eights and a poem engraved – “One is done, Two was fun, Three tried to run, Four called mom, Five’s not alive, Six is nix, Seven’s in heaven, 8 won’t wait”. It is an allusion to Freddie Krueger’s poem.

Number 10: UFO over Sandy Shores,

Yet another UFO. It is above the clouds. This one also requires you to have ended the game in 100%.

Number 11: The Hatch

At the bottom of the ocean, you will see a bunker hatch from the LOST TV series.

Number 12: The Playboy residence

An exact replica of Hugh Hefner’s residence. In the evening, you can find a lot of nicely dressed girls at the back.

Number 13: Car Tune Network

Next to the strip club, you can see Car Tune Network garage, which is an easter egg referencing to the Cartoon Network TV station.

Number 14: Graffiti in Chamberlain Hills

On one of the buildings, you can find a huge reading “Welcome Back – We missed you last time”.

gta 5 easter eggs locations

Gta 5 Easter Eggs Locations Conclusion

There is an unlimited amount of easter eggs in Gta 5 we have listed 14 of them here for you. We wish you great gaming sessions. You can also check out “Signal Jammers Gta 5 Where Are They?