Valorant Smurf Problem 2022!


As gamers we like to play our games fair and square but sometimes this changes. Players give money to other players for higher ranks. In this article we will talk about this problem’s Valorant side. Here is  Valorant Smurf Problem 2022!

Valorant Smurf Problem 2022!

Valorant is a competetive game and we as players love this kinds of games. This is because we like to play against real people. Feel their emotions as we made a move that they didn’t wait or be admired of how good the opponent plays. This is why online games are the most played games of today. But there comes some complications with this online way. Smurfing is one them. Smurfing is when a higher ranked player plays for another low ranked player for some benefit. This brings the ethic questions with it but in a general sense gamers don’t like the term of smurfing because it really sucks to play against them. Valorant developers stay somewhat passive about this topic. Lets talk about the things they have said and done.

valorant smurf problem

The Things Valorant Developers Do and Don’t

They stay passive with secret solutions and don’t want to give players discomfort while playing the game.

First thing let’s talk about what they do:

  • Automatically detect when a player might be smurfing.
  • Adjust their MMR quickly after several matches.

This is the answer of Develepors against the smurfers. They do this stuff because they are not in the way of playing as we will say in the what they don’t section. They chose this path because they do not give the systems to the smurfers so they won’t be able to build ways around them. In my opinion this is the right way. If you bring any discomfort to the player when they want to play they will simply not play.

The things they don’t do:

  • Require two-factor authentication to play Ranked
  • Require a phone number to play Ranked

Games as Pubg and Rainbow Six Siege do this things above to prevent smurfing but it comes with a price. This method will decrease the smurfers by half while also making a considerable affect to normal players aswell.

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