Apex Legends Update Today! The Last Update!


Apex legends, one of the Most populer free to play battlegrounds games. News published in the past days about the update. It’s have very important information. I will explain this new update (1.99) with patch notes. Let’s start explain apex legends update today.

About Apex Legends

Apex Legends is EA Games company’s project. Other mean EA Games published Apex Legends in the 4 February 2019. Apex Legends producer is Mackey McCandlish. 1.98 update for Awakening Collection Event. 1.98 update date 14 June 2022. Add new equipment and different cosmetic items and other game modes with 1.98 update. Respawn Entertainment’s social media account is more important new information so follow Respawn Entertainment’s social media account. Further 1.98 update some bug fixed and add new awards. It’s new contents and very interesting changes. Apex Legends have many active game player now. Also Apex Legends have very high place in the online game sequence.

apex legends update today

Apex Legends Update Today

Today update name is 1.99 version. Relase date is 30 june 2022 but ıt’s so small update according to old updates. Because new changes is so little. Also don’t have new content, cosmetic, skins, game modes, equipment or items. Some changes are gameplay and award system. Other systems simply and good now so don’t touch it. Some bug fixed and upgrade gameplay. Xbox’s system problems solved with 1.99 patch and solved delay issues. Keep healthy and happy my friends. See you later.

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