How To Skip Pubg Tutorial?


Pubg is a game that constantly attracts new players and this means a lot of new users in the game. These players have to do tutorials to improve their in-game skills. But if you are already an old player and you have opened a new account, you do not need the tutorial. Therefore, it is normal for you to want to skip tutorials. Let’s find out if you can skip the tutorial. Here is How To Skip Pubg Tutorial?

What is Tutorial?

The tutorial is made so that the new players to pubg don’t hurt their teammates when they enter the match with real players. Because of that if you have opened a new account, you are a new player of the game. The tutorial consists of tasks in a way and if you don’t complete the tasks you cannot finish the tutorial for a long time.

how to skip pubg tutorial

How To Skip Pubg Tutorial?

Unfortunately, I have bad news about this. You cannot skip the tutorial so there is no way to skip the pubg tutorial. All players must complete the first training mode and complete 10 or 4 AI training matches to unlock the match. These tutorials cannot be skipped as they are part of the free game. But there are ways to finish the tutorial quickly. Let’s see how.

How Can You Finish The Tutorial Quickly?

Complete the AI training drills is the fastest way to complete the pubg tutorial. You can finish all the tasks in one game while playing with AI bots. If you are already an old player, then your job will be easy!

If you are not an old player after the finis tutorial you should make a lot of practice. In this way, you can have a fun game with your teammates.

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