Overwatch 2 Campaign


Have some questions about the Overwatch 2 campaign? In today’s article, will talk about some important parts of it and hopefully answer your curiosities. Please enjoy!

What do we know about it?

  • First off, the release date of Overwatch 2 is October 4 during the Microsoft & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022 event.
  • The PvE experience will come in 2023 as part of seasonal content.
  • Blizzard will be adding a feature called “shared multiplayer environment”. It will allow Overwatch and Overwatch 2 players to compete together.

At BlizzCon 2019, creative director Jeff Kaplan talked about a commitment to an “environment where no one gets left behind”.
Overwatch players will have most of the Overwatch 2 elements. This sounds like it’s no use to buy Overwatch 2, right?
Well, Blizzard is giving you the choice, while pointing to new story content exclusive to Overwatch 2, as well as upgrades to the engine and visual design of in-game elements

  • You will keep all your progress and cosmetics from Overwatch 1, courtesy of the “shared multiplayer environment”.
  • There were two chances to play the beta version. The first one ended in the middle of June and was PC only. Meanwhile, the second one ended on July 18 and allowed both pc and console players to fight together.
Overwatch campaign

The overwatch PvE campaign will tell one complete story.

  • Some players feel like Overwatch 2 is not that much of a sequel as a revision, like Overwatch 1.5. But there is still plenty of time. We could still be surprised, hopefully in a good way.
  • Overwatch 2 won’t feature your run-of-the-mill single-player campaign. Instead, Overwatch 2 will have persistent player versus environment modes. These PvE modes will be similar to the seasonal events in Overwatch – where four players must fight cooperatively against forces controlled by AI.
  • Blizzard has confirmed two Overwatch 2 PvE modes so far.

A little explanation on the overwatch 2 campaign:

In these story missions, you’ll guide your characters through journeys that help you uncover their past and motives. Build teams with next-gen Overwatch heroes, and battle the Omnic forces inside Overwatch’s most advanced maps released. Overwatch 2 will include broader hero missions and offer good replayability value so that you can hop into arenas and defend yourselves against increasingly difficult waves of enemies.

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