Valorant Valentines Cards – What are They?


If you and your partner are playing Valorant you will love this article. Today we are going to talk about a fan made project. Here is Valorant Valentines Cards – What are They?

Valorant Valentines Cards – What are They?

Because Valorant is such a big game there is a lot of social side to it aswell. People sometimes meet while playing Valorant and catch feelings for oneother thorough the game. Seeing each other play and become really focused is really nice. So there is always a attraction when playing the game. Because this kind of relationship is so cute players praise this with cards.

Valorant Valentines Cards

Why These Valorant Cards Exist?

Like we said in the beginning this is not official from Valorant. This cards are a fan made thing. If you have a girlfriend or a boyfriend who plays the game, these cards are really fun to send eachother. Coming to the Why? question. Answer to this is really simple. We like to send our love and affection thorough the cards. The Christmas gift cards for example. We all get them from our grandparents or our parents. It is nice to receive the appreciation this way. Some Reddit user created these cards. Mainly because the Valentines Day was nearing.

Should You Use These Valentines Cards?

Some of the cards are a bit Cheesy. But they make a great laugh. If you and your partner are familiar with the Valorant. Sending them these cards as Valentines Cards is in my opinion is a cute thing to do. Just know these cards probably won’t replace the actual physical card. This should be just for fun. By the way we have to mention please send your partner something in the Valentines Day. They will really appreciate it. It doesn’t need to be expensive it just needs to be thoughtfull. Biggamebears wishes you happy games.

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